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#StopAsianHate message at Manchester University

This message was sent April 14 to Manchester University students, faculty and staff from President Dave McFadden:

Dear Manchester University students and colleagues,

Several weeks ago, I tweeted about racial violence against Asian-Americans. Xenophobia is deeply embedded in our national story. Emboldened by rhetoric from some national leaders, it has crawled out of the shadows again.

There is a reason that Manchester University’s Mission Statement begins with our commitment to “respect the infinite worth of every individual.” Respect for all people is fundamental to becoming our best selves as individuals and as a community. 

We know that individuals and groups of people identified as “other” are most often targeted with hatred and violence. We’ve seen that in the recent, ugly violence aimed at Asian-Americans across the country that has made the news. It reminds us of the historic and long-term corrosive effects of racism and white nationalism in the United States, and the deep pain it has caused across generations. 

We condemn the nationwide rise of violence, discrimination and xenophobia against those in the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community and we stand in solidarity with them during this difficult time.

We call on all members of the MU community to actively resist racism, discrimination, intimidation, violence and the perpetuation of stereotypes; to support all people who do not feel safe; and to reflect the values of equality and human dignity that this University holds dear. 

If you are aware of bias incidents on or off campus, report them using our Report It form.   


Dave McFadden
Manchester University