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Manchester waives fall 2023 enrollment deposit

Manchester University is waiving the enrollment deposit for incoming undergraduate students this fall.

“We're waiving deposits for many of the same reasons we waived it during the pandemic, all related to families’ financial concerns. These days, it is inflation and the state of the economy,” said Ryon Kaopuiki, vice president for enrollment. “We listen to prospective students and their families, and it is clear that waiving the deposit will be helpful to many.”

Those who have already deposited will get a credit on their fall 2023 bill, said Brandi Chauncey, director of admissions.

“Manchester specializes in removing barriers,” she said. “Our staff is trained to help every step of the way – completing the application, finding scholarships and financial aid, filing the FAFSA, scheduling a campus visit and simply going through all the forms and paperwork.”

Admitted students can declare their intent to enroll at Manchester by completing a short form in their admitted student portal.

The deposit waiver is part of Manchester’s multipronged approach to make the cost of an excellent college education within reach:

  • For qualified Indiana students, the Indiana Tuition Bridge Program eliminates out-of-pocket tuition expenses for up to four years by combining state and federal grant funding with Manchester scholarships.
  • To give students and families a predictable total cost from start to finish and make it easier for them to budget, tuition rates for each incoming class are set and locked in for four years. 
  • The MU Triple Guarantee guarantees 100 percent of MU undergraduates will receive financial aid, graduation in four years or less, and a job or enrollment in graduate school within six months of graduation. There are dozens of scholarships.

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