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Manchester University gets $10,000 grant for agroecology initiative

Duke Energy Foundation has awarded Manchester a $10,000 grant to support an environmental initiative. Here is the portion about Manchester:

MU earns j$10k Grant

$10,000 to establish garden spaces on campus

Manchester University’s Environmental Studies Program and Center for Environmental Resilience and Social Engagement are currently implementing a campuswide conservation management strategy that focuses on actions and infrastructure that are resilient to climate change, support biodiversity conservation and provide accessible green space to northeast Indiana.

Phase one of the project is focused on transforming the campus grounds into an agroecology teaching, research and community outreach space. This grant funding will be used to establish garden spaces on campus grounds that demonstrate best practices for climate-resilient food production and for combating issues of food insecurity.


Here is Duke Energy Foundation press release.  

At Homecoming in North Manchester on Saturday, Oct. 22, following the Peace Studies Plaque Dedication at the Gladdys Muir Peace Garden on Wayne Street, there will be a walking tour of current sustainability projects on campus from the Peace Garden to the environmental studies log cabin from 3 to 3:30.

Manchester will celebrate the 50th anniversary of environmental studies at Manchester from 3:30 to 4:40 p.m. and offer discussion about this bold new vision. It was mentioned in the most recent alumni newsletter

October 2022