About Manchester

Manchester University Board of Trustees



  1. Mark A. Baer ’91
    Committee: Student Life 
    Chief Executive Officer, Crowe LLP
    Columbus, Ohio

  2. Alicia S. Baird ’01
    Committee: Student Life, Governance
    Director, Grant Systems & Administration, Strada Education Network
    Indianapolis, Ind.

  3. Dustin S. Brown ’99
    Committee: Institutional Vitality
    Deputy Assistant Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget in the Executive Office of the President
    Washington, D.C.

  4. Jeffrey W. Carter
    Committees: Educational Quality, Governance (Chair), Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    President, Bethany Theological Seminary
    Richmond, Ind.

  5. J. Christopher Craig ’82
    Committees: Audit (Chair), Institutional Vitality and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Retired Director of Finance - Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP
    New York, N.Y.

  6. Ding-Jo Hsia ’75 Currie
    Committees: Student Life, Executive, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Professor of Doctoral Educational Leadership, California State University at Fullerton
    Huntington Beach, Calif.

  7. Aaron L. Fetrow ’94
    Committee: Student Life
    President, Heritage Hall
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  8. Lisa R. Ford
    Committee:Educational Quality
    Teacher, Community Leader
    Wabash, Ind.

  9. John W. Gilmore 74
    Chair of the Board
    Committee: Ex-officio all committees
    Retired Senior Vice President and COO, Princeton Theological Seminary
    Princeton, N.J.

  10. Cheryl F. Green ’82
    Committees: Educational Quality (Chair), Executive, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
    President, Governors State University
    University Park, Ill.

  11. Audrey N. Hahn ’76
    Committees: Outreach (Chair), Executive
    Retired, Indiana Wesleyan University
    Wabash, Ind.

  12. David A. Haist 73
    Committees:Institutional Vitality, Executive
    Retired, Do It Best Corp.
    Fort Wayne, Ind.

  13. Harriet Hamer ’80
    Committee: Outreach
    Midwest Anesthesia Consultants
    South Bend, IN

  14. Carolyn Moldenhauer 61 Hardman
    Committee: Outreach
    Retired teacher
    Indianapolis, Ind.

  15. Brian L. Harshberger ’90 ’91 M.Acct.
    Committee: Institutional Vitality (Vice-Chair), Audit (Vice-Chair)
    Treasurer, AM General LLC
    South Bend, Ind.

  16. Kevin R. Hochstedler ’83
    Committee: Student Life (Vice-Chair)
    Financial Consultant
    Mishawaka, Ind.

  17. Laurie Young ’88 Kenealy
    Committee: Institutional Vitality
    Partner, Mackinaw Holding Corporation
    Westminster, Colo.

  18. Brittan King ’03
    Committee: Outreach
    Head of Industry, Business & Industrial Markets in Large Customer Sales, Google
    New York, N.Y.

  19. Joshua Kline 98
    Committees: Student Life, Executive (Secretary)
    Chief Medical Officer, Parkview Physicians Group
    Fort Wayne, Ind.

  20. Linda M. Kroll ’93 ’94 M.Acct.       
    Committees: Audit, Institutional Vitality (Chair), Executive
    Associate Vice President for Finance, University of Notre Dame
    Notre Dame, Ind.

  21. Timothy Lake
    Committee: Educational Quality, Governance
    Pastor, Union Baptist Church
    Fort Wayne, Ind.

  22. David F. McFadden 82
    President Emeritus of Manchester University
    North Manchester, Ind.

  23. Madalyn A. Metzger 99
    Committees: Executive, Student Life (Chair) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Co-Chair)
    Vice President of Marketing, Everence Financial
    Goshen, Ind.

  24. Michael J. Packnett
    Committee: Outreach (Vice-Chair)
    Retired CEO, Parkview Health
    Fort Wayne, Ind.

  25. Nadine S. Pence ’76
    Committees: Governance, Education Quality (Vice-Chair)
    Retired Executive Director, Wabash Center for Teach & Learning, Wabash College
    Crawfordsville, Ind.

  26. J. Bentley Peters 62 
    Committees: Governance (Chair), Educational Quality
    Retired, JB Peters Consulting Group, Inc. 
    Glenwood, Minn.

  27. Lily Qi ’91
    Committees: Educational Quality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    State Delegate, Maryland General Assembly
    Annapolis, Md.

  28. W. Mark Rosenbury 69
    Committees: Outreach, Executive (Vice-Chair), Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Co-Chair)
    Retired, Terra Industries
    West Des Moines, Iowa 

  29. Dan Starr
    Committee: Outreach, Audit
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Do it Best Corp.
    Fort Wayne, Ind.

  30. Richard P. Teets Jr.
    Committees: Institutional Vitality, Governance
    Retired Executive Vice President, President and COO of Steel Operations, Steel Dynamics Inc.
    Fort Wayne, Ind.

  31. Stacy H. Young '96
    President of Manchester University
    Committee: Ex-officio all committees
    North Manchester, Ind.

Honorary Trustees

  1. William N. Harper 66
    Committee: Outreach
    Retired, Clark Equipment Co.
    Scottsdale, Ariz.

  2. Marsha Palmer 68 Link
    Committee: Educational Quality
    Link Consulting Group
    Steamboat Springs, Colo.

  3. John Zeglis
    Committee: Institutional Vitality
    Retired President, AT&T; Chairman and CEO, AT&T Wireless; Founder and Chairman, Fort Wayne Mad Ants
    Culver, Ind.