Values, Ideas and the Arts (VIA) 

Values, Ideas and the Arts presentations enhance the Manchester Core program in the liberal arts through cultural exposure, artistic experience and intellectual enrichment. VIA features speakers, musicians and dramatic performers from the University community, across the country and around the globe. Manchester students earn academic credit through attendance. Members of the University community and the public are also invited to attend all VIA events. All events are free of charge unless otherwise noted.

The goals of the VIA program are to:

  • broaden students' cultural experiences,
  • enrich students intellectually and aesthetically,
  • provide opportunities to experience the arts,
  • promote dialogue about ideas and values, and
  • embody in its programs the values expressed in the University Mission.

Students are required to arrive on time and remain for the entire program to receive VIA credit. Events last approximately one hour unless noted otherwise.

Fall 2019

Be sure to check this schedule often for new VIA events and fuller descriptions that will be added.

Opening Convocation
Tuesday, Aug. 27
3:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
President Dave McFadden
Who Are Your Allies?
President Dave McFadden delves into the topic of being an ally during your time at Manchester, in whatever role you might play. He will talk to those who have had allies and what form that has taken.
Students are reminded to take their student ID in order to get credit.

Tuesday, Sept. 3
7:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Monti Washington VIA Life After Drugs
A product of a one-night stand, abused in foster home after foster home, and time sleeping in parks were just a few of the daunting obstacles in Monti Washington’s journey from the streets to the stage. This interactive presentation is designed to help students gain problem-solving skills needed to be successful, both inside and outside of the classroom. Through crowd participation, storytelling, and poetry, students will be engaged, encouraged and empowered to make it from the streets of their minds to the stage of their dreams.

Tuesday, Sept. 10
3:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Mido DidoPyramids, Nile Temples, and Tombs of Pharaohs
Mido Dido is the speaker. He is a professional Egyptologist and guide in Egypt. His degree is from Cairo University. He will offer a series of images of temples, pyramids and tombs, and connect these sites and hieroglyphics to Egyptian and biblical religion.

Thursday, Sept. 12
7-9:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Marx in Soho VIAMarx in Soho
Bob Weick brings Karl Marx to life in this political and deeply human drama written by Howard Zinn. 

Tuesday, Sept. 17
3:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
William Stafford VIAEvery War Has Two Losers
Film based on the journal acclaimed poet and pacifist William Stafford, who spent World War II in a civilian service camp for conscientious objectors, is followed by a panel with Jeff Gundy and Travis Polling. Stafford challenged deeply held beliefs: Why do we believe war is inevitable? Can you win a war? 

Constitution Day
Thursday, Sept. 19
7 p.m.
Jo Young Switzer Center, upper level
David Lay Williams VIALessons from The Federalist for Our Times

In times of political turmoil, if not constitutional crisis, Americans often return to the papers in The Federalist for perspective and guidance. Professor David Lay Williams of DePaul University will discuss the political problems outlined in The Federalist, explain how the Constitution was designed to overcome those problems, and address how the solutions are working in practice today.

Thursday, Sept. 26
7 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Jackson Katz VIAViolence Against Women -- It's a Men's Issue
Internationally acclaimed educator and activist Jackson Katz refuses to see domestic violence and sexual abuse as “women's issues” that “some good men help out with.” In this presentation he explains why—and how—all men can work with women as partners and allies to end gender violence and promote equality.

Homecoming 2019
Saturday, Oct. 12
7-8:30 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
Jones Wartroba VIAMusic for Coming Home
Robert Jones and Matt Watroba present music that matters – the folk, blues, spirituals and social justice songs that shape the American experience.  

Thursday, Nov. 7
7 p.m.
Cordier Auditorium
The Path to Becoming Your Best Self: Advice and Stories from Alumni
2 COLOR CRESTJoin us as a panel of Manchester alumni shares stories about their experiences at Manchester, as well as how those experiences have led them to where they are now. Speakers will identify their passions, values and strengths, and explain how these things played a part in their success. These alumni will also share tips on how current students can get a head start on their future career goals by making suggestions based on their experiences.