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Study Away January Sessions

  • 2015 Comparative Civilizations in England, Wales and Ireland
  • 2014 Comparative Civilizations in Italy
  • This course was designed to give students a fun and educational “hands-on” historical experience travelling in Europe. We spent two weeks exploring and experiencing life in Italy’s most beautiful, fun, and historically interesting and important cities, including: Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, and Assisi (plus a few other stops that we added along the way). We finished the class by enjoying four days and nights in Italy’s historic capital, Rome.
  • 2013 Comparative Civilizations in Germany, Vienna and Prague
  • This course was designed to give students a fun and educational “hands-on” historical experience travelling in Europe. We spent two weeks exploring Germany and central Europe, starting our class by experiencing life in some of the most beautiful and interesting towns and cities in southern Germany. Our first few days highlighted the friendly medieval university towns of Tübingen and Freiburg in the legendary Black Forest region. In Bavaria, we enjoyed classic German hospitality in the famous regional capital, Munich, and then spent a day in “Germany’s most beautiful town,” the small cathedral city of Bamberg. We travelled next to the countries of Austria and the Czech Republic, visiting their elegant and historic capital cities, Vienna and Prague. Finally, we returned to Germany, stopping first in Leipzig (a major cultural center for centuries) and then finishing our class in Germany’s amazing capital city, Berlin.
  • 2012 Comparative Civilizations in Britain and Ireland
  • Students explored Irish and British history and culture through travel in January. Our itinerary included: Galway and Dublin in Ireland; Conwy Castle in Wales; Stirling Castle and Edinburgh in Scotland; and Liverpool, York, Oxford, Stonehenge, London in England, and more!
  • 2011 Comparative Civilizations in Spain
  • Itinerary included: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Andalucía (Granada, Córdoba, Seville, and the Costa del Sol), and the Basque country (Bilbao, San Sebastián, and Pamplona). HISTORY IN SPAIN. Students explored the full scope of Spanish history and culture through travel in January. The class began and ended in the exciting Spanish capital city of Madrid. In northern Spain, we examined the distinctive Catalan culture of cosmopolitan Barcelona and the rugged Basque country (the oldest civilization in Europe). In Andalucía (southern Spain), we visited stunning historical cities and sites from the Phoenician, Roman, and medieval Islamic (Moorish) periods and enjoy the beautiful Sun Coast.
  • 2010 Comparative Civilizations in Italy and Greece
  • 2009 Comparative Civilization in Europe
  • Students studied through travel the history and cultures of Germany and Central Europe and explored some of the most interesting and important sites of European history, with special concentration on the medieval, Baroque, and modern periods (especially World War II and the Cold War). 3 Credits. INSTRUCTOR: Mark Angelos LOCATION: Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Munich w/Dachau, Heidelberg), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg), Czech Republic (Prague), and Hungary (Budapest).