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Co-curricular Organizations

Manchester Model United Nations Organization

The Model United Nations Program aligns with Manchester University's mission and values, which are partly rooted in a long tradition of concern for peace and justice. In recognition of the fact that we are currently facing a critical juncture in world history--a world pulled in two opposite directions by forces of integration and fragmentation, a world marked by destructive conflicts and instances of cooperation, a world which combines interests defined by power relations and norms based on international law and justice, a world conducted by institutions, blocs, states, markets, and ultimately, by human agents (ordinary people and leaders)--our Model United Nations program seeks to prepare a new generation of leaders who could make this world a better place.

More specifically, the goals of the Model United Nations are to provide our students the opportunity to assume the position of those leaders and, within mock United Nations committees, agencies, and conferences to try to shape the current international system through decision-making and consensus-building. In doing so, our students gain valuable skills such as communication and conflict resolution, as well as working knowledge of international diplomacy and negotiation, and current global issues. By engaging with faculty and peers at similar colleges and universities, students in the Model United Nations Program develop networks for education and development beyond Manchester.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a competition among teams of students taking on the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a hypothetical case. Members of our mock trial teams participate in annual regional and national competitions, run by the American Mock Trial Association, gaining valuable experience and insights into the practice of law.

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is affiliated with the National Political Science Club, Pi Sigma Alpha.