Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

GC in PGx Courses and Curriculum



  • Introduction to Pharmacogenomics – 2 credits
  • Applied Pharmacogenomics- 3 credits 
  • Pharmacogenomics in Neurologic and Cardiovascular Disorders- 3 credits

ELECTIVE COURSES - 5 credits required 

  • Advanced Pharmacokinetics- 2 credits
  • Human Genetics- 3 credits
  • Biostatistics- 3 credits 
  • Advanced Molecular Biology- 2 credits 
  • Pharmacology – 3 credits
  • Research Responsibilities and Ethics- 1 credit
  • The Gene-Drug Pipeline- 3 credits
  • Pharmacogenomics in Oncology- 2 credits 
  • Bioinformatics- 3 credits 
  • Research and Innovative Practice Seminar- 1 credit 
  • Pharmacogenomics Laboratory Intensive (1 week course on campus)- 1 credit

14 credit hours total for the program.

The online program is designed this way to serve working individuals who want to fit their educational pursuits into an already busy schedule. Each course is 7 weeks long, and one course is taken at a time. For example, in a fall semester students would take Introduction to Pharmacogenomics in the first 7 weeks of the semester and then Pharmacology in the second 7 weeks of the semester. 

Students can switch into the master’s program at anytime while enrolled in the graduate certificate program. Upon completion of the graduate certificate program students will have completed 45% of the master’s degree program. 

The graduate certificate program is designed for health care professionals who want to expand their knowledge in Pharmacogenomics.