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Pharmacogenomics - Career and Professional Development

Pharmacogenomics students working in the lab

Helping You Make Career Connections

Manchester MS in PGx students have a wide range of resources available to them related to career and professional development. Each student has a faculty mentor who engages in dialogue to help match a student's interests and abilities with a career path. The Student Personalized Medicine Coalition provide opportunities to network with other student with similar interests. A list of potential employers in the genetic, pharmacogenetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors has been complied and communications are sent via mail, email and in person to make these organizations aware of our students. Workshops on various aspects of career planning are held, including curriculum vitae/resume development, professional attire approaches, and interview skills. We engage our Office of Career and Professional Development to help our students become gainfully employed.

Job Searching & Career Development

  • Employer Connections: Communications to over 200 pharmacogenetic/pharmaceutical/ biotechnology companies describing our students training and capabilities
  • Career class - fall semester
    • Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
    • Mock Interviews
  • Job Search Workshops
  • Job Search Coaching

Additionally, there is personal advising by faculty mentors.