Koinonia Environmental and Retreat Center

Programs and Events

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The Koinonia Environmental and Retreat Center is dedicated to the ideal of providing quality environmental education experiences for students. Youth are mentored by example and taught to respect and care for the environment, the creatures who live there, and the earth.

Many programs and events take place at Koinonia throughout the year, including:

Field Biology

Manchester University education majors work with local elementary students as they visit Koinonia and learn from nature walks. Activities include fossil digs, hiking trails, the Nature Center, a bird feeding station, and the Talking Rocks and Mineral Resources Trail.

Environmental Education

Koinonia works closely with area schools to provide responsible environmental education compatible with school curriculum.


Koinonia partners with area waste management providers to develop materials to educate students in recycling and solid waste management.

Field Trips and Workshops

Koinonia hosts special events such as Environmental Awareness Days, Project Wild, Indiana science curriculum workshops for teachers, the Indiana Heritage program, and nature photography workshops.

Koinonia Nature Center
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