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Information Technology Services

We are wired!

Our meeting rooms and auditoriums feature up to date audio/visual conferencing capabilities and multi-media equipment. In addition, our North Manchester campus features 6 state-of-the-art computer labs that can host up to as many as 40 persons for group computer instructional purposes. It is a great way to provide hands-on group training including an instructor's area and internet access.

There are many other smaller computer labs across campus, including in each residence hall, for individual use. As a guest, access to the internet is always free!

Our technology capabilities include:

  • Technical support staff - Trained tech support staff provide set-up and assistance during all events where reliable technology is critical to the success of your event.
  • Fully equipped multimedia presentation rooms - Most meeting spaces are fully multimedia equipped for video and PowerPoint presentations, with wired and wireless internet connections, multimedia projectors, DVD and VHS players and sound systems. Portable projectors and laptop computers are also available for use in any space.
  • Computer-based teaching labs - Six computer labs designed for instructional purposes can be utilized for group workshops. Each lab is equipped with a projector and screen for demonstrations and instruction.
  • Video/audio conferencing - University technology includes the support of IP video conferencing and audio conferencing in a variety of meeting facilities.
  • Live sound support - our technical staff can provide sound reinforcement for speech and audio device playback at any location on campus.
  • TV-equipped rooms - Video presentations can be made from rooms with mounted TV monitors and attached video players, or with portable equipment from any room.

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Computer Labs
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