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MidBest - Fall Edition

by Karly Prichard | Oct 06, 2016

I grew up in the Midwest, but when I began looking at colleges, I was determined to go as far away as possible. I was seeking sunshine + blue skies year round. Obviously that’s unrealistic, but I denied anywhere could be as “weather moody” as Indiana. In my head, the cons of choosing to stay in Indiana far outweighed the pros.

But, then I visited Manchester for the first time, almost exactly three years ago. I still remember the day being my *ideal* fall day – crisp, but warm air, trees in mid-color change, and bright sunshine. I had walked all over campus on the tour and to meet with coaches, professors, my admissions counselor. I remember taking in all the natural beauty of campus, imagining myself here, feeling like I belonged. And then it hit me. If I moved away from the Midwest I wouldn’t experience fall, my all-time favorite season. I’d miss out on pumpkins, changing leaves, warm + crisp air, fresh applies, campfires, warm drinks, + other basic things.


MU Apples

College Ave

When fall hits, sometimes it’s slow and steady, other years it smacks you right in the face as soon as summer ends, and because this is Indiana, sometimes it’s a mix between summer, fall, and winter until it settles out. It’s a little unexpected + unpredictable. But no matter on how the weather feels, you can count on flannel, pumpkin spice, and picturesque fall pictures to fill every part of your life.

After fall rolls around I can’t help but feel a shift of heart. A shift from feeling like I need to move + be anywhere from the Midwest. A shift into falling more in love with living in a town + state that changes seasons. A shift into believing I could see myself staying in North Manchester.

What do you love about the Midwest + the shifting seasons? 

Karly Prichard ’18 is a Communications major from Warsaw, Ind. Her dream job is to do freelance writing, consulting, and photography for small businesses and non-profit organizations. 

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