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by Ciara Knisely | Jul 25, 2017

After working at the Writing Center on campus for a year, I think it’s a really underrated resource for students. That may sound biased, but it really is.

There are many struggles that students go through when trying to write papers, and I can promise you that neither my co-workers nor I are immune. We totally understand. Sometimes I’d rather do a 12-page Chemistry assignment full of equations that I don’t understand than write a paper, but unfortunately, college doesn’t let you pick and choose what assignments you want.

What that means is that you will always have some sort of paper or writing assignment coming up, especially at a liberal arts school. And even if your major seems at the opposite end of the spectrum from English or writing, I assure you that (proper) writing is more than relevant to our daily lives…

Which is why you should stop by the Writing Center! Even though I’m on the clock when I’m there, it’s still one of my favorite places on campus. The Success Center is usually quiet and peaceful, so it’s a great study place. I personally have my best, most-focused study sessions while I’m there.

One great reason to stop by and get some help is that it is run by students (unless we get too busy and my supervisor helps out). Since we’re students going through similar college experiences, we know what aspects of writing can be more challenging, and how to explain that in a way you’ll understand. One thing I love about my job is that, yes, I’m technically an employee, but I get to relate to anyone who comes in on a student-to-student basis. Professors often become our friends, but it can be a different experience getting feedback from students at the Writing Center, as well. I’ve even made some friends through helping them at the Writing Center!

Also, proper writing skills are becoming more and more necessary in the workplace. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending a formal email, but it still matters. It can be frustrating, but knowing the rules of Standard English will help you immensely. So many jobs, assignments, tasks, and interactions with others will require a decent understanding of Standard English, so it can be really useful to learn as much as possible while you still have the free resources. It may even be the icing on the cake for a potential employer at a job interview, which could earn you the position!

I know that classes are still several weeks away, but sometimes right at the start of the semester can be the best time to come by. That way, you can learn what mistakes are happening in your papers before you start submitting them, and you’ll have that knowledge for future papers!

At the Writing Center, we’re willing to help you with any writing problem you come across. Occasionally, we won’t know the answer to your question ourselves, and then we’ll be learning the answer right along with you. Coming in is simple and easy, and usually quick. During the school year, we’re open 9am to 10pm during most days of the week, and students can either walk-in or make an appointment with us via email.

Now I’m just hoping I didn’t make any mistakes in this post! :)

Here’s the webpage for more info:

Ciara Knisely ’18 is an English-Creative Writing major and Journalism minor, and hopes to continue her writing career in the future. She spends her time working at the Writing Center on campus and is a Co-Editor of the Oak Leaves newspaper.  

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