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Move-In Day Tips

by Nick Rush | Aug 23, 2017

IT’S ALMOST TIME!!! Move in day is so close! This year I know what to expect from all my classes and professors, my coaches, and I already have a great group of friends. This time last year though, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect from anyone, nor did I have any friends here yet. Some of us here at MU want to make your move in day a little bit easier than when we moved in. Here are some great tips I think will be useful; the last couple are from other MU students!

  • Be aware of what you can and cannot bring! This link from the MU website will tell you what you can and cannot bring, room dimensions, and hall amenities:
  • For mini-fridges and any heavy items, bring a dolly if you have access to one.
  • Check your room before moving things in. If you want to rearrange your room, you won’t have anything in your way!
  • Make sure you tape drawers shut on storage bins, nightstands, etc. so they don’t slide open.
  • If anything isn’t in working condition in the room, make sure you take a picture of it so you don’t get charged for breaking it.
  • At home, pack how you’ll want to unload. If you want to get the heavy stuff in your room first, pack it last and vice versa.
  • Put trash bags around any hanging clothes. They won’t get dirty on the trip to campus, and you won’t have to waste time hanging them back up!
  • Bring in rugs first! This was a personal mistake that cost me an extra 20 minutes of re-moving items to put the rug down.
  • Plan where you’ll want the TV. If you have a cable cord, make sure your TV will reach the box. This will prevent having to buy a longer cord and/or having to rearrange items.
  • Pack a drink for when you get here. It’ll probably be warm and you’ll be moving a lot; don’t let yourself get thirsty.
  • Emily Ewen says: For those living in East and Schwalm, bring in your fans before anything else to help cool off while moving in.
  • Joe Gallatin says: Don’t be afraid to take part in the Welcome Week activities.
  • Brittany Udell says: If you’re bring a car to campus, don’t forget to get your parking permit online. It’s free!
Nick Rush ’20 is studying Sports Management and plans on minoring in another business area. He plays baseball for MU, and he plans on working in the sports industry after graduation.

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