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Top 5 Fall Activities

by Nathan Timmerman | Sep 15, 2017

It is now halfway through September, which means classes have begun and summer is slowly transitioning into fall. While the sunshine and beach days may be missed, there are plenty of fun activities to appreciate in the fall! There are plenty of local opportunities for seasonal adventures that give a much-needed study break.   Here are my top 5 favorite fall activities that are a must for Manchester students:

1) Go Picking

Visiting an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch is one of my personal favorites when it comes to having some fall fun. Not only do you get to eat some seasonal treats, but you also get to enjoy the experience of actually picking the fruit with your friends. Although fresh apples are delicious alone, they can also be used in plenty of seasonal recipes like apple pies, caramel apples, or apple dumplings. Pumpkins are great for cooking as well, not just for the pies, but the seeds can also be roasted in the oven for a tasty snack. Also, don’t forget about displaying your favorite carved pumpkin!

2) Attend a Concert

A common escape from homework for many college students is music, so why not see your favorite artist live? Plus, the weather around this time of year in Indiana makes for a perfect outdoor concert at venues like Klipsch or a local fall fair/festival. Concerts are the perfect kind of event to attend in groups, and sometimes you can get a group discount if you purchase a certain number of tickets. Even if the artist isn’t necessarily your favorite, many concerts offer a fun atmosphere that is still positive and enjoyable regardless of who is performing.

3) Show Your School Spirit!

Come out and support your fellow Spartans! Not only do you get to watch Manchester University compete in the NCAA in a variety of different sports, but it’s also free to attend!  For those who want to do something fun but rather stay on campus, attending a Manchester sporting event provides you with quality entertainment while being only a walking distance away. Cheering on the athletic teams is a blast when you do it in a group, so come join our mascot Manny in representing the Black & Gold! If you really want to pump up Spartan athletes, consider gathering a group to travel to away games together; road trips are fun, plus what’s better than watching the Anderson get beat at home?

4) Grab Some Coffee

We all know that with fall comes the pumpkin flavored beverages. If going to the pumpkin patch didn’t quite satisfy your entire pumpkin craving, then consider trying the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Sisters Café on campus. If you’re looking for a more remote location, check out KenapocoMocha in town. Coffee shops are great little getaways if you’re looking to just set up shop somewhere and study your day away. KenapocoMocha is a cute coffee shop that is also very serious about being friendly to the environment. Grabbing some joe doesn’t always have to be a lonely event, though, because nothing is cuter than a coffee date during the fall season.

5) Check Out a Haunted House

No, I didn’t forget that Halloween is in the fall. For those who are braver than I am, an ideal fall activity could very well be a night filled with fright. I mean, to be fair, what’s more fitting than going to a haunted house during this time of year? Even if haunted houses/jails/schools aren’t exactly up your alley, sometimes that is what turns out to be best part about this daring fall choice. No matter the age, it seems like haunted houses never really get old. And, for some odd reason, scary events have the tendency to be a common date idea. But if that’s not the case, then I would recommend at least bringing a group of friends, unless you’re feeling particularly courageous this fall.


Nathan Timmerman ’18 is a marketing and sales double major and entrepreneurship minor. Aside from his involvement in the College of Business, he enjoys volunteering in his free time. Lord willing, Nathan’s post-graduation plan is to build his career in the business industry. 

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