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Multicultural Affairs - International Students Visa Status

Maintaining F-1 Visa Status

International students on F-1 visas and exchange students on J-1 visas must maintain a full time student status while at Manchester University. This requires a minimum of 12 credit hours of classes each semester. International students are not permitted to take more than one 3 credit hour on-line class per semester or summer session per SEVIS regulations. Your academic advisor will help you schedule classes that will keep you on-track for graduation and keep you within legal limits for credit hours. You may not change your class schedule without consulting your academic advisor.

Students may lose their F-1 visa status for dropping below the required 12 credit hours, for becoming academically ineligible to return to classes, or for serious infractions of campus rules or legal infractions resulting in conviction of a felony.

International students, both current and those on OPT, must keep the Director of Intercultural Services updated on any change of address of where they are physically living. If leaving campus during breaks and staying in one location, students should apprise the Director of their location and contact information in the event of emergencies either on campus or in their home country. 
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