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Gen Z expert offers tips at Manchester on becoming a 21st century professional

Ryan JenkinsNORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. – An internationally recognized expert in teaching companies how to engage, lead and market to emerging generations is coming to Manchester University to assist students in developing their own career paths and workplace competencies.

Ryan Jenkins is a respected author and blogger on generational differences and how they affect all aspects of life. This includes communication and leadership styles, values, personal and professional goals, as well as underlying philosophies concerning work. 

A top-ranked speaker about the generations, he is a leading voice on how and why those differences affect Millennials and Generation Z.  

Jenkins will present “Next Generation Success: Becoming a 21st Century Professional” at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 12 in Cordier Auditorium on the North Manchester campus. It is free and open to the public.

Who is a Millennial and who is Gen Z?

As Jenkins said in one of his blogs, “The verdict is still out on where the Millennial generation ends and Generation Z begins. Some studies start Generation Z as early as 1993 and others as late as 2000. But no matter how you slice it, there are clear differences in behavior and preferences between Generation Z and the Millennials.”

Jenkins will discuss how work has changed in the 21st century, focusing on generational differences and how to succeed and best utilize them.

He will discuss perceived Gen Z shortcomings in the workplace – such as devaluing face-to-face communication, career impatience, dependence on feedback, lack of work ethic – and offer ways to leverage their unique worldview and skills into becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Sponsored by the MU Office of Career and Professional Development, the speech is part of Career Expo for students, which begins at 6:30 p.m. Jenkins’s presentation is also part of the Values, Ideas and the Arts series at the University, which offers academic enrichment for students.

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