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Intern from Fort Wayne aids Boston adults seeking transition from no job or underemployed to lasting careers

Megan-Hite“The most valuable lesson I learned from this internship is to never underestimate yourself and never give up. A lot of people shoot low in life because they fear the rejection,” said Megan Hite of Fort Wayne. She has spent the past few weeks working remotely with Career Collaborative in Boston, Massachusetts.

Career Collaborative is a nonprofit organization that helps adults who are underemployed or unemployed find lasting jobs and build careers. Hite is responsible for several participants in the program, making regular phone calls to check in on their current situation, as well as assisting them in getting reliable jobs. This includes reviewing resumes, practicing mock interviews, signing them up for online classes, or even just providing some friendly encouragement.

“Those who are brave enough to take loads of rejections and keep following their passion will almost always end up in the place they wanted to be in,” Hite said.

A rising junior at Manchester University, she is working this summer as an intern through the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty. Hite is working remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program lasts eight weeks and ends the last week in July.

The 2018 Carroll High school graduate is a global health and health communication major with a minor in peace studies. After graduation, she plans to work for a nonprofit company in community outreach or marketing.

“I am very creative and would like to find a job that allows me to include that in my work. This internship allows me firsthand experience in communicating to the communities in need, as well as being able to find important resources quickly,” Hite said. “I always have to be on my feet and willing to reach out to as many people as I can.”

“I am extremely grateful to be a part of this internship and sincerely appreciate my mentors and my participants,” Hite said. “I have really learned how to truly communicate and help other people and have broken out from my introverted shell. The patience and kindness found in this company is inspiring and it is challenging and stressful at times, but in all the best ways.”

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Megan Hite: mrhite2022@manchester.edu

Press release by Jennifer Wagner, student assistant in the Office of Strategic Communications.

Learn more about the Career Collaborative: https://www.careercollaborative.org/mission-vision

This is Manchester’s third summer with the Shepherd Consortium: https://www.shepherdconsortium.org/

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July 2020