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Manchester offers online graduate certificate in pharmacogenomics for health care professionals

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Manchester University, a national leader in pharmacogenomics education, is expanding its program with an online graduate certificate designed for health care professionals seeking to enhance, expand and differentiate their practice.

It begins in fall semester 2020.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx), a major component of personalized medicine or precision medicine, tailors an individual’s drug therapy based on their genetic makeup (DNA). Utilizing the relationship between an individual’s genes and their response to a medication can optimize therapy early on and help avoid or decrease the risk of adverse drug events. 

W. Thomas Smith“The goal of the new graduate certificate in PGx is to provide practitioners an opportunity to optimize the care they provide their patients. We have curated a set of cutting-edge courses that will allow them to apply important foundational knowledge about PGx to their practice on day one,” said W. Thomas Smith, dean of Pharmacy Programs.

“It provides approximately 180 contact hours of scheduled instruction, with a depth and breadth of pharmacogenomics to raise practice competency,” said Dave Kisor, director of pharmacogenomics at MU.

Pharmacogenomics databases are covered, along with comprehensive examination of evidence-based clinical guidelines.

Those who could benefit from the graduate certificate program include pharmacists, physicians, nurses (nurse practitioners), physician assistants and genetic counselors.

David Kisor“If you want to expand your clinical practice capabilities and differentiate yourself in your discipline, the Manchester University graduate certificate in PGx can make that happen,” Kisor said. “Additionally, these courses can be applied to completion of our Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics program, which aims to train individuals in a broader leadership role in this cutting-edge field.”

Manchester offers an on-campus, one-year master’s degree program in PGx, a two-year online PGx master’s degree, and a dual degree in pharmacy and pharmacogenomics. 

Applications, admissions requirements and related information for the new graduate certificate can be found at www.manchester.edu/pgxcertificate.

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