Both campuses now use the new Printing@MU system.  Please report any issues to Help Desk.

Known Issues:

  • Please report all issues you experience logging into a printer to Help Desk.  For example, the printer may be in an error state and you won't know it because the login screen overlays the error screen.

Some facts to know:

1. The name and equipment supporting SpartanPrint are no more.  The new system is called Printing@MU or you can simply call it printing.
2. There are 55 new printers on both campuses.  Only five are black and white and most are specialized and, thus, inaccessible.
3. The costs per printed page remains the same.

8.5" x 11"
8.5" x 11" 
11" x 17" 
11" x 17" 
 B&W $0.05 $0.09 $0.10 $0.19
 Color $0.12 $0.23 $0.24 $0.47
4. Students: your semester allotment remains the same.5. All MU community members use a proximity card (your MU ID) to log into a printer to perform its functions.  If your MU ID does not work, please contact Help Desk or University Safety.  Some people need to replace their old MU ID with a new proximity card-based one.  Even if you used a proximity card with SpartanPrint, you may need to self-associate your card to the new system.  You do this by tapping your card on the card reader and logging into the new system.  The system does the rest to tie your ID to your account.


Self-service Training

Konica Minolta How-to Video YouTube Channel
Konica Minolta Online User Guide -- Please bear in mind that you'll use the PaperCut interface in most instances.


Printers You'll See on Campus

Konica C558 Color Printer
Konica C558 Color
Konica C3851FS Color Printer
Konica C3851FS Color