Both campuses now use the new Printing@MU system.  Please report any issues to Help Desk.

Known Issues:

  • Please report all issues you experience logging into a printer to Help Desk.  For example, the printer may be in an error state and you won't know it because the login screen overlays the error screen.

General Information:

1. Printing accounts may be managed and printing funds added at:
2. There are 55 printers across both locations.  All printers support both black and white and color printing.
3. Costs per page are:

8.5" x 11"
8.5" x 11" 
11" x 17" 
11" x 17" 
 B&W $0.05 $0.09 $0.10 $0.19
 Color $0.12 $0.23 $0.24 $0.47
4. Students are allotted printing money on a per semester basis to benefit their studies. Unused printing money will transfer into following semesters up to the allotment cap. Student allotments are as follows:
  • Undergraduate: $20 per semester. Allotment cap of $50.
  • Graduate: $40 per semester. Allotment cap of $60.

5. Users may log in to campus printers by tapping their campus ID's on attached card readers. They may also login using their Manchester username and password.

Self-service Training

Konica Minolta How-to Video YouTube Channel
Konica Minolta Online User Guide -- Please bear in mind that you'll use the PaperCut interface in most instances.


Printers You'll See on Campus

Konica C558 Color Printer
Konica C558 Color
Konica C3851FS Color Printer
Konica C3851FS Color