Faculty Executive Committee

The Faculty Executive Committee is charged with the following:

  1. The chair of the committee, along with the chair of APT, shall represent the faculty in their relations with other college constituencies.
  2. To review and refer (as appropriate) any items of business to the faculty as a whole, to other committees, or to an administrative office for consideration and action; and to approve the creation of all ad hoc committees with faculty membership.
  3. To monitor and regulate the functioning of faculty governance procedures and to adjudicate jurisdictional disputes among committees.
  4. To recommend to the faculty (unless other procedures are specified elsewhere) the appointment of faculty representatives to faculty, joint, and administrative committees, and to appoint faculty to ad hoc committees. By the procedures specified in this document, the Faculty Executive Committee, upon request, shall provide for the temporary replacement of faculty members unable or unavailable to fulfill their committee duties. (Amended by Faculty, 1 May 1996)
  5. To plan the fall Faculty Workshop in cooperation with the Office of Academic Affairs.
  6. To call and conduct monthly or bi-monthly business meetings of the faculty during the academic year, as well as any additional business meetings which may be necessary. The chair of the Faculty Executive Committee (or his or her designee from the elected faculty members of the committee) shall preside over these meetings.
  7. To facilitate the conduct of faculty business, the Faculty Executive Committee shall:
    • develop and publish in advance the agenda for faculty business meetings;
    • appoint a parliamentarian to advise the chair on procedural questions;
    • appoint a recording secretary to keep and transcribe the minutes of faculty meetings; and 
    • upon petition by 25 percent of the faculty members, bring items of business to the faculty as a whole for its consideration. 
  8. To initiate programming to encourage faculty growth and professional collegiality. (Duties amended by the faculty May 8, 2009)