Academic Units



Deans and Administrative Support

Gilbert College of Business
               Timothy Ogden, Dean
               Mindy Martynowicz, Operations and Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Health Science Professions
               Lea Johnson, Dean
               Julie Bemiss, Administrative Assistant

Natural SciencesCollege of Arts and HumanitiesCollege of Education and Social Sciences
               Judd Case, Dean of Arts and Sciences
               Ginny Ayres, Administrative Assistant
Pharmacy and Graduate Life Sciences
               W. Thomas Smith, Dean
               Shawn Patterson, Executive Assistant to the Dean 


          Art Department, Jeff Diesburg, Chair
          Niswander Department of Biology, Suzanne Beyeler, Chair
          Chemistry & Physics, Kyle Watson, Interim Chair (J/S 22)
          College of Business, Timothy Ogden, Dean
          Communication Studies, Michelle Calka, Chair
          Education, Stacy Stetzel, Chair
          English, Katharine Ings, Chair
          Exercise Science, Jeff Beer, Chair
          History and Political Science, Uma Ganesan, Chair
          Mathematics and Computer Science, Tim Brauch, Chair
          Modern Languages, C. Arturo Yañez, Chair
          Music, Debra Lynn, Chair
          Pharmaceutical Sciences, Teri Beam, Chair
          Pharmacy Practice, Raylene Rospond, Chair
          Philosophy and Religious Studies, Justin Lasser, Chair
          Psychology, Marcie Coulter-Kern, Chair
          Sociology, Social Work and Criminology, Barb Burdge, Chair

Interdisciplinary Programs

          Biology-Chemistry, Jeff Osborne, Director
          Entrepreneurial Studies, Joe Messer, Director
          Environmental Studies, Suzanne Beyeler, Director
          Gender Studies, Katharine Ings, Director
          Gerontology, Cheri Krueckeberg, Director
          International Studies, Uma Ganesan, Director
          Master of Athletic Training, Lucas D. Dargo, Director
          Nursing, Beth E. Schultz, Director
          Nutrition and Nutrigenomics, Laura E. Bollinger, Director
          Peace Studies, Katy Gray Brown, Director
          Pharmacogenomics, Dave Kisor, Director
          Population Health, Jeff P. Osborne, Director
          Physical Therapy, Bhupinder Singh, Director
          TESOL, Arturo Yañez, Director


          Funderburg Library, Darla Haines, Director