Education & Social Sciences

Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology



Sociology.... the study of social life. At the interpersonal level, sociology studies the causes and consequences of such things as identity, romantic love, and deviance. At the societal level, it examines and explains such things as poverty, crime, and racism. At the global level, it studies such things as immigration, modernization, and war. Learn more about our offerings in sociology.

Social Work... the profession dedicated to enhancing human well-being and promoting social and economic justice. Social workers are focused on challenging oppression, alleviating poverty, and empowering vulnerable populations.The Manchester University Social Work Program is a baccalaureate degree program fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, preparing students for professional generalist practice and graduate school. Learn more about the MU Social Work Program. We also offer a minor in Human Services.


...examines the origins of criminal behavior, the consequences of crime for society and the legal responses societies develop to combat crime. Learn more about our offerings in criminology