Education & Social Sciences


Criminal Justice

The criminology program at Manchester University is designed to provide students with an overview of the origins of criminal behavior, the consequences of crime for society, and the legal responses societies develop to combat crime. This interdisciplinary major encourages students to take courses in sociology, social work, psychology, and political science. Students are required to complete a practicum that provides the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to a workplace setting. Observing and participating in a professional setting exposes students to relevant social service delivery systems and potential careers.

The major in criminology seeks to provide the humanistic foundation for successful careers in areas such as mediation and conflict resolution, juvenile justice, victim assistance, private and public security, law enforcement, substance abuse prevention, rehabilitation counseling, and restorative justice.

A minor in criminology may complement majors in such areas as social work, management, history, political science, psychology, or sociology, and can serve as an academic foundation for advanced study in law, justice studies, social work, sociology, or public policy.

A two-year Associate of Arts degree is also available with the option of merging into a four-year degree.