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Peace Studies

Manchester University Peace Studies Institute and Program in Conflict Resolution

Peace studies explores the frontiers of nonviolent alternatives to conflict, whether in our personal lives or international relations. This interdivisional major and minor consist of courses drawn from a number of disciplines that relate to the analysis and transformation of conflict. Formal concentrations within the major are: interpersonal and intergroup conflict studies, religious and philosophical bases, international global studies, and social inequality studies. Students may also choose to design an individualized concentration within the major.

Established in 1948, the Peace Studies Institute and Program in Conflict Resolution at Manchester University pioneered as the first undergraduate Peace Studies program in the world. The curriculum offers a major in Peace Studies as well as a minor. 

The Manchester Peace Studies Institute sponsors public conferences and programs for the university and community on topics related to world peace and conflict resolution. Nonviolent Social Change, formerly known as the Bulletin of the Peace Studies Institute, publishes academic papers and news of the program. Recent issues have included award-winning student research papers, autobiographies of contemporary peacemakers, faculty and staff articles on peace and justice topics, and reports from our non-governmental representative to the United Nations. 

For information about the peace studies program at Manchester University, contact Katy Gray Brown, director of the Peace Studies Institute, at or 260-982-5343. You may also contact Virginia Rendler, Peace Studies Coordinator, at or 260-982-5108.

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