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Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology


barb burdge

Barb J. Burdge

Chair, Dept. of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology
Director and Field Instruction Coordinator, Social Work Program
Professor of Social Work
ACEN 214

Barb Burdge's CV

Ph.D., Social Work (Gender Studies minor), Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, 2013
M.S.W., Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, 1998
B.A., Psychology (Music minor), Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1994

I came to Manchester University in 2003 and felt immediately at home. I have several years of direct social work practice experience in the fields of child welfare and mental health. My current areas of interest include diversity education for social justice and social work practice with the LGBTQ community.

In my life outside of campus, my partner, Marsha, and I have restored a Civil War-era home that has been in my family for five generations. We were able to have it listed on the National Register of Historic Places. I love to travel, too, and have spent time in many parts of the U.S. (only 4 states to go!) plus Paraguay, Argentina, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and the Isle of Man. My next international journeys will be to Italy and Scandinavia. Spending time outside is important to me, so I go camping several times a year, bicycle and swim often, and work long hours in my yard. I am an animal lover, too. We have two dogs and two horses.

Barb teaches: 
SOWK 110 Introduction to Social Work
SOWK 275 Practicum in Human Services (general social work placements)
SOWK 375 Social Work Practice II:  Individuals, Families, and Groups
SOWK 475 Field Instruction
SOWK 476 Field Instruction Seminar
FYS (First Year Seminar) LGBTQ Lives
GNST 125 Introduction to Gender Studies
GNST 201 Introduction to Queer Studies


Alicia L. Dailey

Assistant Professor of Social Work
ACEN 212 

Alicia Dailey's CV

Ph.D., Social Work,University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2015
M.S.S.W., Social Work, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2008
M.Div., Social Work, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY, 1995
M.A., Biblical Studies, International School of Theology, San Bernadino, CA, 1985
B.A., Sociology, DePauw College, Greencastle, IN, 1979

I am originally from Indianapolis, IN and am most recently from Louisville, KY.  Prior to coming to Manchester University in August 2017, I was an adjunct professor and worked on a research team at the University of Louisville.

One of the things that attracted me to Manchester was that I was interested in teaching “macro” social work courses that prepare students to be change agents in organizations, communities and society.  Part of the macro perspective involves analyzing and changing social policies in systems such as education, employment, housing, criminal justice and health care so that the United States can truly become a country “with justice for all.” One published article I have co-authored is about the social injustice that exists between grocery stores in predominantly white, affluent neighborhoods and those in predominantly black, low-income neighborhoods. It is entitled, “Brown Lettuce and Rodent Traps, Granola and Trees: A Qualitative Study of an Experiential Teaching Tool to Promote Socially Just Practice.” It is published in The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 48-55.

I am an ordained Baptist minister. In the past, I pastored a church in Kokomo, IN and am currently an associate minister of a church in Louisville, KY. Since the social work profession began in the Church, I seek opportunities to integrate my faith with social work ethics and values.

One of my research interests concerns the African American Church.  I am a co-author of an article entitled, “Suffering in Silence: Child Sexual Molestation and the Black Church: If God Don’t Help Me Who Can I Turn To?” This article is published in the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 147-157, DOI: 10.1080/10911359.2014.956962. I have also studied the role of the African American Church during the Civil Rights Movement and would like study what the its current role is in the continuing struggle for civil rights.

As far as hobbies are concerned, I enjoy listening to and playing gospel music on the organ and flute. I have played my flute in many churches and have been a church organist. I also delight in watching “retro” TV programs. One of my favorite series is Star Trek! Yes, I am a Trekkie!

Alicia teaches: 
PEAC 112 Concerning Poverty
SOC/SOWK 102 Human Conflict
SOWK 110 Introduction to Social Work
SOC/SOWK 228 Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Inequality
SOC/SOWK 275 Practicum in Human Services (general social work placements)
SOC 335 Sociology of Family
SOWK 366 Social Welfare Policy
SOWK 384 Social Work Practice III:  Organizations and Communities
SOWK 477 Social Work Practice IV:  Synthesizing a Professional Identity

Jared Friesen

J. Jared Friesen

Assistant Professor of Sociology
ACEN 216

Jared Friesen's CV

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 2018 
M.A., Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, Ball State University, Muncie, IN, 2002
B.A., Psychology, Huntington University, Huntington, IN, 1998

I grew up in Northeast Indiana and I am excited to be able to call this region home again. I was drawn to teaching at Manchester University because of its mission and values challenging students to live “compassionate lives that improve the human condition.”

Prior to returning to graduate school to pursue a doctorate in sociology I worked for 13 years in student development including residence life, new student orientation, and campus diversity. While most of this work was at three other liberal arts colleges, I also spent three years living with my family and working as the director of an environmental study abroad program for college students in Belize, Central America.

My current research interest is the intersection of rural sociology and education. I am also broadly interested in community development, environmental and social justice, and the social aspects of food production and consumption.

Outside of my work on campus I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, bird-watching, and attending sporting events. 

I came to Manchester as a visiting faculty member in the fall of 2016.

Jared teaches:
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC/SOWK 222 Social Research Methods
SOC 275 Practicum in Sociology
SOC 240 Sociological Theory
SOC 305 Self and Society
SOC 333 Sexuality and Gender in Society
SOC 345 Class, Status, and Power
SOC 347 Sociology of Religion
SOC 440 Senior Seminar (sociology majors)


Cheri Krueckeberg

Associate Professor of Social Work
Director, Gerontology Program
ACEN 216

Cheri Krueckeberg's CV

M.Div., McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL, 1980
M.S.W., Loyola University, Chicago, IL, 1992

B.A., Psychology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 1976

Prior to coming to Manchester in 2004, I worked over 25 years in human services, primarily in Illinois (Chicago and Champaign-Urbana) and Washington, DC.  In my early 20s, it was a life-changing experience to live in the Philippines for two years, the beginning of a deeper search for social justice and a world with more compassion.

In work, I have done outpatient therapy, directed a shelter for homeless families on Chicago’s south side, worked in home-based services, as chaplain at Cook County Jail, counseled adult and adolescent sex offenders and survivors of assault, and worked as clinical supervisor and training director in a large residential treatment center for troubled teens. With elders, I’ve worked in many ways – support staff for S.U.S.I. (Seniors United for Social Improvement) on Chicago’s South Side, counselor for elders in inpatient psychiatric center after suicide attempts, facilitator of reminiscence groups for older women, counselor for elders with chronic or terminal illness, and with grandparents who were primary caregivers for their grandchildren.

Special interests in social work and gerontology are many:  social and economic justice, healthcare reform, cross-cultural relations, poverty, prevention, conflict transformation, reminiscence and life review, brain health, effective counseling with challenging clients, interventions for anxiety and depression, spirituality, advocacy for elders of color and older women, intergenerational relationships, and exploring the vast potential of elders to contribute meaningfully to society.  I’ve taught yoga to delinquent youth, at MU, at a nearby retreat center, and am faculty advisor to the campus Namaste Yoga Club.

Outside of work I enjoy time with my large family (mostly around Fort Wayne), swimming, gardening, yoga, weaving and spending time in nature.  I did much care for my elderly father for many years before his death, which was quite meaningful.  I love to travel, especially to New Mexico and northern Michigan, and loved a recent trip to Ireland to learn more about peace-building and about my own heritage. I volunteer on the boards of ECR (Education for Conflict Resolution) and the Garber Simmons Senior Center in town, where I have taught yoga since spring of 2007 (my oldest student was 91!) 

I love meeting so many interesting students at this university, and helping them grow, learn, and live out their dreams.  There has been much opportunity here to teach and work with colleagues about things I care about.  Every day is a new adventure in growth toward more knowledge and compassion.

Cheri teaches: 
SOC/SOWK 102 Human Conflict
SOWK 110 Introduction to Social Work:  Service, Empowerment, and Justice
SOC/SOWK 220 Social Gerontology
SOWK 274 Social Work Practice I:  Becoming a Skilled Helper
SOWK 275 Practicum in Human Services (gerontology and general social work placements)
SOWK 334 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
SOWK 350 Policy and Practice Issues in Social Welfare (health care)
FYS (First Year Seminar) Body, Mind, Spirit:  Insights and Practices from East and West
INTD 450 Advanced Studies in Gerontology

Martini, Pete

Peter J. Martini, III

Assistant Professor of Criminology and Sociology
ACEN 208

Pete Martini's CV

Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Social Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV, 2017
M.A., Interdisciplinary Social Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV, 2011
B.A., Psychology, Saginaw State University, Saginaw, MI, 2009
B.A., Political Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 2006

I was born and raised in a small farming town, not altogether different than North Manchester, situated on Lake Huron in northern Michigan. As a first-generation college student, my journey started at Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) where I was an active member of the Mock Trial Team (we used to face off against Manchester’s team during regionals). My graduate training took me to the beautiful Mountain West – an area I am still fond of.

I have an abiding love of research. Thanks to my interdisciplinary training, I have had the good fortune to work on myriad projects in the arenas of business, medicine, public health, religion, and criminal justice. My favorite project, to date, was an evaluation of a felon reentry program utilized by the Nevada Department of Corrections. The project made it necessary to engage with prisoners and prison staff, allowing me to gain a more holistic understanding of both the state of incarceration, and the tools we give offenders before they rejoin society.

My current research interests include the intersection of social psychology and health; quantitative methodology, and offender reentry. Though, in truth, I enjoy talking about methodology and statistics with anyone from any discipline.

In my free time I am a political news junky and avid reader perpetually in search of a good coffee shop.

Pete teaches: 
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC/SOWK 275 Practicum in Sociology/Human Services (for criminology majors/minors)
SOC 223 Deviance and Social Control
SOC/SOWK 244 Criminal Behavior and the Criminal Justice System
SOC 262 Sociology of Law
SOC/SOWK 340 Youth and the Juvenile Justice System
SOC 350 Health, Medical Care, and Society
SOC 385 Seminar:  Victimology
SOC 440 Senior Seminar (criminology)

Pete joined the MU faculty in Fall 2018.