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Annual Costs – Undergraduate, Full-time Enrollment 2024-2025 

Looking for 2023-2024 Annual Costs?

Direct Costs

Undergraduate Residential

Includes total direct costs for students living on campus, before scholarships and financial aid are applied. Your costs may be significantly lower.

Tuition and Fees at MU


Housing at MU


Meals at MU


*Direct costs vary by residence hall and meal plan. of all undergraduate residential direct costs. 
Tuition and Fees
Tuition (12 - 16 Semester Hours in Fall and Spring Semesters and Full-time Enrollment in January Session)$35,800
Programming Fee (student-assessed) 260
Facility Fee - Domestic Students 1,075
Facility Fee - International Students 2,450

Double Occupancy - East, Garver, Helman, Oakwood6,825
Single Occupancy - East, Garver, Helman, Oakwood10,125
East Street Apartments (Double Occupancy/Four to an Apartment)
East Street Apartments (Single Occupancy/One to a Room)

Meal Plans
Haist Unlimited +255,800
Flex (14)5,800
See our Dining Options website for more information about meal plans.

Total Direct Costs per Year for Double Occupancy & Haist Unlimited 20-Meal Plan 
Total Basic Costs per Year - East, Garver, Helman, Oakwood Halls

Undergraduate Non-residential

Includes total direct costs for students living off campus, before scholarships and financial aid are applied. Your cost may be significantly lower.

Tuition and Fees at MU


Meals at MU

$335 - 701*

*Direct costs vary by meal plan. of all undergraduate non-residential direct costs. 

Program Fees, Course Fees and Misc. 

Includes courses that have additional fees, summer enrollment fees, and miscellaneous. 

of program fees, course fees and miscellaneous.

Indirect Costs

College is a huge step. And the financial implications for most people are significant. As you enter into this important new phase of your life, we aim to help you understand the true cost of attendance, including living expenses, transportation, meals and supplies.

The figures in the table below are estimates, and do not represent actual charges from Manchester. Exact cost will vary based on:

  • Enrollment status
  • Housing/meal plan choices
  • Residential or non-residential
  • Program and/or course fees
Annual FT Budget  On Campus Off Campus With Parent
Tuition$35,800 $35,800 $35,800 
Residential / Non-residential Programming Fee$260 $220 $220
Residential / Non-residential Facility Fee$1,075 $818 $818 
 Living Expenses   
Room* $6,825 $0 $0 
Meal Plan$5,800 $0 $0 
Housing / Food Allowance$0 $6,642 $3,320 
Books / Supplies$1,000 $1,000 $1,000 
Transportation$682  $1,739 $4,176 
Personal / Misc$705 $1,650 $745 
Loan Fees$71 $71 $71 
Total$52,218 $47,940$46,150 

*Excludes Singles and East Street Apartments