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Federal Unsubsidized Loan

Unsubsidized Loan Information 
This loan is for eligible undergraduate or graduate students who are enrolled at least half time. Payments begin six months after the student leaves school, graduates, or drops below half-time status. Interest accrues while student is in school. 

How to Apply
You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) first. If eligible, the Unsubsidized Loan will be included in your financial aid. File your FAFSA here


  • Go to 
  • LOG IN using your FSA ID username and password
  • Click on I’M IN SCHOOL
    • Loan Requirement #1. Click on Complete Entrance Counseling
    • Loan Requirement #2. Click on Complete MPN (i.e. Loan Agreement)

GradPlus Loan

GradPlus Loan Information 
This loan is for eligible graduate students who are enrolled at least half time. 

How to Apply
The entire Direct PLUS Loan Application process must be completed in a single session. It takes approximately 20 minutes to apply for a GradPlus loan. You will need the following:


  1. If you have placed a security freeze on your credit file, you must lift or remove the freeze at each credit bureau before you continue. Your application will not be processed if you have a security freeze.
  2. Before you can have the Direct PLUS Loan applied to your account, you must complete a Direct PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note (Direct PLUS Loan MPN), which explains all of the terms and conditions of Direct PLUS Loans and constitutes your legally binding agreement to repay all Direct PLUS Loans that you receive under the Direct PLUS Loan MPN. You will have an opportunity to complete the Direct PLUS Loan MPN after you complete the Direct PLUS Loan Application.
For more information of GradPlus loans, click here

Private Loans

Private loans, sometimes called alternative loans, are available from private lenders and offer additional financial assistance. A credit check is required for private loans and some of the loan terms and conditions may be based upon your credit standing. If you are a student, please know that most lenders will require a co-signer.

Carefully consider your needs before you borrow. We recommend that you exhaust all federal grant and loan programs before you consider a private loan. Please visit our Private Loans page for more information on private loans. 




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