Once You Receive Your Award - 4 Easy Steps

Making Financial Aid Happen - What To Do Once You Receive Your Financial Aid Award Notification

Begin by following these four easy steps, and you can be assured that your financial aid is set and ready when classes begin.

  1. REVIEW  your Financial Aid Award Notification for accuracy.
    • Your Financial Aid Award Notification indicates the type(s) and
    amount(s) of estimated financial aid that you can anticipate receiving for both fall and spring semesters.

  2. NOTIFY Student Financial Services if…
    • your housing or enrollment status changes. Cross out any incorrect information and write in the corrections.
    • you want to decline any of your aid. Check the decline box.
    Sign and date your award notification, make a photocopy for your records, and return the original notification to Student Financial Services.

  3. PLAN your payment strategy. The standard payment options are listed on the front page of your financial aid award notification. The figures provided are estimated based on the standard charges for tuition, fees, room and board. The actual amount due will be based on the actual charges incurred. The payment options listed are provided to assist you with determining your individual payment strategy.

  4. Note: The Estimated Yearly Costs and Estimated Balance Due do not reflect additional charges that you may incur for such things as books, origination fees, additional class fees, etc. To view these additional charges, see Financial Information in the University Catalog.

  5. PAY. Student Financial Services will send you a Statement of Account prior to each semester, due August 1 for fall semester and January 1 for spring semester. Statements indicate the tuition, fees, room, board and other costs charged to your student account, as well as payments received and financial aid applied.
    You should receive your Statement of Account at least 30 days prior to the billing due date:
    - Fall Semester Mid-June (billing due date August 1)
    - Spring Semester Mid-November (billing due date January 1)

    An electronic Statement of Account will be posted to the Student Account Center at the beginning of each month. Students can access the Student Account Center through ChetNet. Parents/others can access through the Student Financial Services website. Not an Authorized User? Ask your student to send you an email through the Student Account Center.

You will receive reminders of the steps you need to take in order for your financial aid to be applied. If any of the steps are not completed, your financial aid will not be applied to your student account. You will be responsible for all charges on your bill.

For questions, call Student Financial Services at 866-982-5066 or e-mail sfs@manchester.edu.