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Philosophy & Religious Studies

Philosophy and Religious Studies students on lawn

Philosophy studies the fundamental questions of being, knowledge, action, and the good, as well as examining the conceptual frameworks and practices of other disciplines such as religion, art, psychology, and the natural sciences. Students of philosophy will have the opportunity to:
  • understand and appreciate the major systems and schools of philosophy
  • develop a philosophical understanding of their own
  • prepare for graduate work in philosophy and related fields
  • wrestle with the ultimate questions of human existence
 The academic study of religion aims to understand religious phenomena — texts, beliefs, doctrines, practices, world views — by way of historical, critical, and constructive methodologies. Students of religion will have the opportunity to:
  • acquire a sympathetic understanding of the Bible, the Christian faith, and other world religions
  • articulate and reflect upon the core claims that distinguish the Christian tradition
  • become acquainted with the major methodologies and issues in the study of religions and religious texts
  • understand a world in which compassion reveals the divine
For more information about studying religion or philosophy at Manchester University, please contact:

Steve Naragon
Chair, Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies