Arts & Humanities

Philosophy & Religious Studies - Recent Placement into Graduate Programs

Manchester University philosophy and religious studies majors and minors are prepared for an expansive selection of options after finishing their undergraduate degrees. Here are some of the fields and institutions our graduates have chosen to pursue:
  • Medicine: Harvard University, University of New Mexico
  • Law: IUPUI, IU/Bloomington, Ohio Northern University 
  • Philosophy: Colorado State University, Cornell University, Indiana University/Bloomington, Purdue University, St. Andrews University (Scotland), University of Minnesota, University of Notre Dame, University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, Temple University
  • Theology/Religious Studies: Bethany Theology Seminary, Candler School of Theology (Emory), Iliff School of Theology, Catholic University of America
  • City Planning: MIT
  • Economics: University of South Florida
  • Library Science: Kent State, University of Illinois (Champagne/Urbana), University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
  • Museum Studies: IUPUI
  • Political Science: University of Chicago.