Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Environmental Studies

Program Opportunities

  • Major in Environmental Studies
  • Minor in Environmental Studies
  • Natural History Concentration
  • Policy Concentration
  • Technical concentration


Through research and special study opportunities on and off campus, environmental studies majors at Manchester engage in real-world experiences in the lab and in the field. You may find yourself “getting your feet wet” in a creek researching fish habitats or standing in the ocean in the Bahamas studying sand dollars. Or maybe you'll find yourself in a forest, surveying bird populations and vegetation.

Manchester’s environmental studies program, established in 1971, is among the oldest ES programs in the country. Students learn about the state of the local and global environment, and are prepared majors to fill vital roles in environmental science, education, public policy and related fields.

Program Highlights

  • More than 95 percent of our graduates are accepted into graduate programs or in entry-level environmental jobs.
  • About $5.4 million in grants and other funding have supported undergraduate research projects and internships since 2009.
  • Environmental studies travel courses include Andros Island, Bahamas; the Florida Keys; and Alaska.

Our mission

To provide students experiential learning opportunities and rigorous academics rooted in natural sciences, political sciences, economics, and philosophy to better understand the human endeavor in the context of responsible environmental stewardship.