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A career in high demand

Do you want to work in the health care field? Are you a hands on person who would like performing tests and doing lab work? Do you want a career that offers a great starting salary and is in high demand? Consider majoring in medical technology, a flexible and versatile degree that can get you a job in a hospital or medical center, a research lab, the pharmaceutical industry, a government crime lab or a medical missionary organization.

The outlook is excellent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, clinical laboratory technologists with a bachelor's degree in medical technology earned a median salary of $57,580 in 2012. And the 10-year projections for this profession show a growth of 22 percent, much faster than average.

A proven strength in the health sciences makes Manchester an excellent choice for future medical technologists. Students not only get the instruction they need in the classroom and lab, they get practical clinical experience in real world settings. And all Manchester students learn the problem solving and critical thinking skills that are the key to success in any career.