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Dr. R. Emerson and Evelyn Niswander Department of Biology


Biology Department Mission Statement 

The Niswansder Department of Biology is dedicated to providing a welcoming academic environment with student-focused mentoring to graduate persons with the communication skills and technical expertise necessary to address today’s complex biological challenges to improve the human condition.  

Biology Department Guiding Principles 

The Niswander Department of Biology respects the infinite worth of every individual. We acknowledge the limitation of our own individual perspectives and value the diverse perspectives brought by every individual into our program. Central in our curriculum is experiential learning and active participation in the scientific process to develop critically thinking and problem-solving scientists.   

Students graduating from the Niswander Department of Biology will have the necessary foundational knowledge and technical skills to… 

  • analyze and summarize primary biological literature. 
  • design and perform novel research in biology with appropriate techniques and statistical analysis.
  • adjust their written and oral communication skills to present biological topics to other scientists and to non-scientists. 
  • confidently engage as a biologist in interdisciplinary conversations about complex topics. 
  • utilize critical thinking to evaluate and propose a solution to biological challenges. 

In our curriculum, the six unifying principles of biology are evolution, structure and function, energy flow and transformation, information flow and storage, and equilibrium. These six principles are first introduced in Principles of Biology I and II. These principles are then reinforced and presented in the context of each upper-level course. Corresponding laboratory sessions allow students to apply these principles to scientific questions and research while honing their technical skills. Every student takes part in a research or internship experience to have firsthand experience in a related real-world setting.

Students planting and using microscope

What Can I do with a Biology degree?

Students that major in biology can go into diverse settings such as biological research technician, government scientist, ecologist, high school biology teacher, science writing, health communication specialists, medical technologist, medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science. Our faculty are dedicated to helping you reach your goals and graduate well prepared to meet your future academic or career objectives. Even if you are not sure what you want to do in the future, come explore life on our planet and acquire a deeper understanding of the world around you, inspired by faculty with enthusiasm for teaching and mentoring you to help you find your passion.  

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