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Major and Minors - Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration

Cognitive Neurology

Program Opportunities

  • Major in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration
  • Minor in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration


Cognitive neuroscience is a rapidly growing field due to significant technological advances in brain imaging techniques. Understanding how the brain functions can help us to better understand cognitive processes and human behavior.

As a student majoring in cognitive neuroscience, you’ll gain a solid understanding of:

  • the relationship between brain and behavior
  • cognitive processes involved in a wide variety of human activities
  • brain activity that occurs in both normal and abnormal brain function
  • imaging techniques and neuropsychological tests that are used to diagnose and understand Traumatic Brain Injury and disease processes such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and brain tumors

A major in cognitive neuroscience prepares students for careers in clinical settings, hospitals, neuropsychology and school psychology, or for graduate work in cognitive psychology.

Program Highlights

  • Our graduate school admission rate is consistently around 95%.
  • Students in our program are conducting research and attending academic research conferences as soon as their sophomore year.
  • Our curriculum is well-rounded to introduce you to all major fields of psychology, as evidenced by our strong record of student performance on the Major Field Test in Psychology, a nationwide standardized test taken by seniors.