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Majors and Minors -  I-O Psychology Concentration

I-O Psychology

Program Opportunities

  • Major in Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Concentration
  • Minor in Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Concentration


At Manchester, we strive to prepare our students for emerging job opportunities, and I-O psychology is one of the nation’s fastest-growing fields. Industrial-organizational psychology is the application of psychology principles applied to the work setting. It lies at the crossroads between business and psychology. I-O psychologists help both businesses and employees achieve their full potential.

You’ll learn how the principles of I-O psychology are applied to employee selection, employee training, performance appraisal, organizational leadership, employee motivation, and team dynamics. Our program will prepare you for many paths after graduation including graduate programs, both master’s and doctoral, management training programs, and careers in human resources.

Program Highlights

  • Our graduate school admission rate is consistently around 95 percent.
  • Our organizational consulting course sets us apart from the few other institutions that offer this type of program. You will learn about collecting and analyzing data to provide recommendations for organizational improvement.
  • Our statistics and research in applied psychology course will prepare you for the research requirements of graduate school. You will have access to an international workplace database, and will have the opportunity to present your work at a research conference. 
  • Manchester Professor Jack Wiley is a nationally recognized expert and consultant in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. He’s authored two books on the subject and, in 2014, received the prestigious Professional Practice award from the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, a lifetime achievement award for outstanding contributions to the field.