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Featured Internship: Veronica Caudill

veronica caudill

Year in school: Junior
Major: Psychology and Social Work
Internship Company: Bowen Center

Career Goals: Mental health field; currently thinking about being a substance abuse counselor

Brief explanation about the work you are doing, what you have learned about the field, and what you have learned about yourself: 
I am currently working at the Bowen Center.  Because I do not yet have the proper requirements to have my own clients, I do a lot of shadowing.  I have shadowed staff with children and adult clients.  I have also shadowed groups.  I have learned that there are many aspects that go into having a career in the mental health field.  There is the paperwork aspect, as well as learning HIPAA rules and policies, the company’s own rules and policies, and learning how to be independent.  I have learned that I can be independent in the workplace.  A lot of what I have done is independent work, and it suits me well.

How has your internship impacted your future career path? 
I have been reassured that I do want a career in the mental health field.  I have enjoyed realizing what an impact a person has in someone’s life that needs assistance.  

Would you recommend students complete an internship before they graduate and why? 
I would definitely recommend completing an internship.  An internship provides insight to whether or not you believe that you are in the right major.  In addition, an internship gives a student a foot in the door in a company that they may decide to later work in.