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Featured Internship: Senior Genesis Malin

Q: Where are you working/ had an internship at?  

“I work as a Youth Treatment Specialist at Pierceton Woods Academy. In this role, I work to play a part in helping the residents to complete their treatment and move on to live successful lives. While they are a part of my program, I work to supervise them in the evenings after they return from school, teach them independent living activities, and act as a role model and support system as they work through treatment.  “ 

Q: What do you enjoy most about the work you do? 

“I enjoy seeing the impact that I make in these residents' lives. The changes in their behaviors, values, and the way they carry themselves drastically changes from when they first enter the program to when they complete the program. It is great to be a part of turning someone's life around. “ 

Q: How did you find this position? 

“I found out about this position through a peer who had also worked at Pierceton Woods Academy for their internship, and through meeting with the company at the Career Fair that Manchester puts on for students. “ 

Q: How has this position impacted your future career path? 

“This position has helped me tremendously in understanding what I want to do in my future. I plan to work with helping prisoners to re-enter society successfully by setting them up with the resources and support system they need prior to them being discharged. This job allows me to get my foot in the door and begin understanding how this process works in different facilities.