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Psychology - January Session

2016 January Session

psych jan 2016

In these classes, you will receive an introduction to Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. We will review its intellectual heritage, history, conflicts, geography and daily life. We will also focus on the variety of cultures which constitute Hawaii to develop a sense of its complex modern character in today's world. (Click on thumbnail image for details.)

Culture and Psychology, PSYC 352 (CORE C-3GC)
Contact Information: Rusty Coulter-Kern x5349 or

Social Psychology, PSYC 201 (CORE C-3RC)
Contact Information: Marcie Coulter-Kern x5944 or

2015 January Session

psych jan 2015

Social Psychology, PSYC 201 students used the Disney Corporation to examine:

  • Social psychological thinking and influences
  • Modern issues such as materialism, consumption and happiness

Applying Industrial-Organizational Psychology, PSYC 385 students used the Disney Corporation to examine:

  • Work motivation, job satisfaction and leadership
  • Practices that contribute to a positive organizational culture

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