Education & Social Sciences


All students majoring in psychology at Manchester University begin with an Introduction to Psychology course that examines basic theories of psychology and includes a service-learning component that connects psychological concepts to community needs. 

Students often take courses in Child and Adolescent Psychology, Psychology of Abnormal Behavior, Social Psychology, Systems and Theories of Psychology, and Counseling Theory and Practice.

Distinctive electives include Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Conciliation, Psychological Tests and Measurements, Adult Development and Aging, and Multicultural Psychology.

If you choose a concentration in cognitive neuroscience, you’ll combine courses in biology with psychology courses such as Neuropsychology, Sensation and Perception and Cognitive Psychology.

A major in I-O psychology prepares students for careers in human resources, line management, organizational consulting, or for graduate work in I-O psychology.

All students’ work will culminate in a research project, working closely with a faculty member, and presenting at a professional conference. Most psychology majors also qualify to participate in a Field Placement course to work in a setting of their choice during the spring of their senior year.