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Gender Studies

Gender Studies

A global approach

The gender studies minor at Manchester takes a global approach, examining what it means to be female, male, and intersex across cultures. Students will study how their lives have been and continue to be affected by society's gendered values, traditions, and institutions. They will explore how language and belief structures shape women's, men's, and transgender people’s status in society and how differences in race, culture, class, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation affect the experiences of humans as gendered beings.

The gender studies curriculum is interdisciplinary in scope and affords students the opportunity to study gender both as an analytical perspective and as a social and cultural phenomenon. Students will take two required courses as well as elective courses in economics, English, history, humanities, queer studies, religion, and sociology.

The interdisciplinary nature of the minor equips students with open minds about the challenges of gender difference, analytical skills and an understanding of today's diverse and multicultural world. Depending on the major area of study, the minor may complement the preparation for careers in such fields as social and community work, education, government, law, medicine, social justice work, counseling, business, public relations, journalism and many other professional and human-service fields. Some graduates may choose to pursue further study in the area, becoming researchers and scholars in a wide range of academic fields in the humanities and social sciences.