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Preparing future business leaders

Manchester University’s Gilbert College of Business, named after Arthur L. Gilbert, professor emeritus of accounting, focuses on academic, personal, and professional growth to prepare students to become the next generation of business leaders.

Students find rich opportunities in Manchester’s diverse programs, including Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Professional Sales and Sport Management. The College’s renowned Accounting program is recognized as a leading program in the Midwest. As a result of the comprehensive preparation that students receive and their performance on the CPA exam, top accounting firms return to Manchester annually to recruit interns and new graduates.

Manchester’s small class sizes offer students intimate faculty access to support student development and success. The rigorous curriculum offered in each program challenges students to think critically and develop key leadership skills. Business students at Manchester are also required to complete at least one internship to gain real-world experience and establish career connections with businesses and other potential employers.

"Here at Katz … you’ve got some of the major audit partners who are serving some of the biggest companies in the area – and they all went to Manchester."

- Ben Crim '13, Accountant at Katz, Sapper & Miller, Indianapolis

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