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If an accountant has the letters “CPA” following her or his name, that sends a strong message to the rest of the business world about the high-quality of work that individual is capable of providing, and the most critical step required to earn this important certification is to pass the rigorous four-part CPA exam administered by the state.  Today, Manchester students who follow the protocol established by the College of Business continue the storied success of their predecessors by far exceeding the national average in the number of parts of the exam that they pass on the first attempt.

CPA Exam Success Comparison

Percentage of CPA exam sections passed on first attempt; national v. Manchester University Performance:

National 2011-2019* Manchester 2011-2021**
55% 76%

*NASBA Uniform CPA Examination Candidate Performance [by year]
**Students who follow Manchester's protocol: elective courses or master's courses, review course, sit for all four parts within one year of graduating.