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The College of Business Club (CBC) is designed to provide members with opportunities to develop leadership experiences; to provide exposure to business professions through presentations from guest speakers, both inside and outside the classroom; to provide a social organization for students to develop relationships with their peers as well as with prospective business partners and employers; and to relate what is learned in the classroom to the business world.

Students are eligible to join CBC immediately upon entering Manchester University, and the Club provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved.  A number of committees exist within the Club that provide interested students with many leadership opportunities.


2021 CBC Officers are L to R Edna Eben Ebai-Secretary, Charlie Peterson-Treasurer, Gage Sandlin-Vice President, and Sydney Sexson-President


Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee markets the activities of the College of Business Club through social media, a portfolio of photographs, Club bulletin boards, and variety of advertising and other creative promotions.

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Programming Committee

The Programming Committee organizes educational events to expose students to “real life” business issues.  For example, in the spring of 2021, the committee hosted two young alumni, Vivian Carter and Emily Anderson, who discussed their experiences as young professionals and offered advice to current students preparing to enter the workforce.

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Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee assists club members in developing résumés and cover letters, and it has also organized a periodic “suit-up” event, taking students shopping for professional clothing.  Most recently, the committee developed a LinkedIn workshop for business students.

Event Planning Committee

The Event Planning Committee develops informal club events to promote networking and socializing among club members, including a fall picnic to welcome new students and an annual holiday party.  The group has also organized trips to see professional athletic events including the Fort Wayne Komets and the Indiana Pacers.


Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee develops events focused on supporting North Manchester and the surrounding communities by organizing volunteer activities for club members.  For example, the Club has adopted a section of State Road 13 that club members clean up each fall and spring. Recently, the College developed the Jen L. Lutz Community Service Award to recognize students who have made significant efforts to make a difference in both the community and in the lives of those affected by the club’s community outreach events.

The College of Business Club has something for everyone. Interested students should contact 2021 club President, Sydney Sexson.