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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Unlock Your Potential

Elevate your career trajectory in just 12 months with Manchester University's accelerated MBA degree, designed to empower you with the skills and expertise demanded by today's dynamic business landscape. Whether you're a recent college graduate building your resume or an accomplished professional looking to advance to the next tier in your career, your MBA will provide you with the skills necessary to be a strategic decision maker and change leader in your organization and develop your ability to effectively lead others.


  • Credits: 30
  • Time to Completion: 1 year
  • Tuition: Learn More
  • Learning Environment: Management and Pharmacy Tracks: 100% online; Accounting track: Online/On-campus hybrid
  • Fall Session Begins: Aug 2024
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

*This program has multiple tracks. All tracks require 15 credits, while some tracks will also require core credits and pharmacy requires 16 credits.






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Fall Session

August 2024

Learning Environment

Management and Pharmacy tracks: 100% online; Accounting track: Online/On-campus hybrid


Higher Learning Commission

*Management and Accounting tracks require 30 credits. The Pharmacy track requires 31 credits.

Why Choose Manchester for Your MBA?

Our program allows you to choose from three different tracks customizing your degree for your MBA. At MU's Gilbert College of Business, you'll generate attractive skills you can use to build a strong performing portfolio and resume.

Flexible Curriculum

Our program allows you to choose from three different tracks that customize your degree, offering course work tailored to those entering the accounting or pharmacy fields and a more general management track that is relevant to career professionals in any field.

Unparalleled faculty

Experts in their field, the faculty members you’ll be learning from bring their in-depth experience in accounting, business, entrepreneurship, finance, as well as leadership.

Meet the faculty and staff of the MBA Program at Manchester. 

Finish Faster

For working professionals and recent college graduates, Manchester’s MBA is a 12-month program, allowing you to start realizing the benefits of your degree quickly and with minimal interruption to your career trajectory. For students who plan for an MBA while still undergrads at MU, it’s possible to add the management or accounting tracks and graduate in four years with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The pharmacy track also is structured as a dual degree so that pharmacy students at Manchester can complete their studies with both Pharm.D. and MBA degrees simultaneously.

What Can You Do With Your Master of Business Administration?

An MBA from MU is a highly valuable asset in any career, plus industry-specific paths in accounting and pharmacy make you more marketable to prospective employers in those fields.

Career outlook for Master of Business Administration Graduates

Students who leave Manchester with their MBA can go on to successful careers as: management consultants, financial analysts, marketing, operations, human resources and business development managers, entrepreneurs leading startup ventures, farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers, healthcare administrators, nonprofit directors and executives, supply chain analysts and investment bankers and a plethora of other careers. 

How much do MBA graduates make?

Earning an MBA increases your earning power considerably. According to the average starting salary for MBAs is 22-40 percent higher than for bachelor’s graduates. Plus, a study from Transparent Career showed that MBAs reported a 46% salary increase after earning their degree! 

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22-40 %
Higher than Bachelors Graduates

What Will You Study to Earn Your Master in Business Administration?

Manchester’s MBA Program is built on a solid core of fundamental business principles and relevant ethical issues to equip you to navigate complex situations with critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

Core Courses Required for All Tracks (15 credit hours)

BUS 542 Data Analytics (3 credits)
BUS 555 Principled Leadership (3 credits)
MBA 540 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution (3 credits)
MBA 530 Sales and Marketing for Executives (3 credits)
MBA 554 Strategic Management (3 credits)

Choose from Three Specialized Tracks

Built out from the core curriculum, Manchester University's MBA offers three specialized tracks, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to align with your career goals and interests.

Management Track

Forge your path as a dynamic leader with our management track, focusing on honing your leadership and organizational management skills. The management track is open to those with bachelor’s degrees in any major.

Accounting Track

Dive deeper into the realm of accounting with our specialized track, offering a comprehensive curriculum tailored to meet the demands of the modern accounting profession.

Pharmacy Track

Designed specifically for aspiring pharmaceutical leaders, our pharmacy track equips you with the specialized knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the rapidly evolving health care landscape. For students in Manchester’s Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program, the MBA can be added as a dual degree, making it possible to earn both degrees in four years.

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Coursework and Requirements

Click on a track below to expand and view courses.

Planning for an MBA as an Undergraduate Student

Students who have yet to earn a bachelor’s degree should plan early to add an MBA and graduate from Manchester with two degrees. They can consider two options:

3+1 Option

With the 3+1 option, some courses required for the MBA can be taken while still studying at the undergraduate level, giving students a head start as they enter their fourth year to fully transition to master’s level coursework. For motivated students who carefully plan their academic schedule, it’s possible to graduate in four years with both bachelor’s and MBA degrees.

4+1 Option

Students may also opt for a more gradual pace and concentrate on undergraduate level studies during their first four years, then transition into the MBA Program in their fifth year.

Students should consult with their academic advisor as to which option is best for them.

Ready to Get Started on Your MBA Degree?

Let us show you how intriguing and rewarding Manchester University’s Master of Business Administration degree is. Inquire today.

Admissions Requirements for MU’s MBA Degree

Applicants (non-MU students) should have a bachelor’s degree from a nationally accredited institution. No GRE is required.

MU undergraduate students should apply for the MBA Program before the start of their junior year if they are planning for the 3+1 option or may apply later for the 4+1 option.

Manchester University’s Non-Discrimination Admission Policy

Manchester University is committed to non-discrimination in campus life. The University does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, ancestry, race, color, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, familial status, religion, disability or veteran status in admissions or any area of campus life, including its educational programs, scholarships and loan awards, residence life programs, athletic programs, extracurricular programs, promotion and tenure policies and practice, and alumni affairs.

Manchester University is committed to carry out the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans With Disabilities Act, which provide for accessibility of University programs to the physically disabled.