Arthur L. Gilbert College of Business

Business - Career Preparation 

Business management

Manchester University’s Arthur L. Gilbert College of Business programs prepare students for a wide variety of business careers, and students acquire the knowledge, experience, skills, and global perspective needed to be well prepared for the competitive job market.

Manchester is widely recognized for its Accounting program, which has been one of the best in the Midwest for decades. Because of the program’s reputation for excellence, some of the most respected accounting firms in the United States recruit here, tapping Manchester students for internships and full-time employment. Upon graduating, most accounting students from Manchester begin their careers in the field of public accounting. 

In addition, the Gilbert College of Business provides outstanding opportunities in finance, business management, marketing, sport management, entrepreneurship, and professional sales. Recent Manchester graduates have found success as marketing coordinators, human resource generalists, product managers, commercial credit analysts, marketing research assistants, inventory managers, and inside sales representatives – to name a few. In addition, a number of business graduates have become attorneys, joining some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Indiana.

We’re especially excited about the opportunities that will be available for graduates of our innovative professional sales program. As a major or minor, expertise in sales is a valuable business skill, regardless of your chosen career. Sales touches every organization – large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit – and demand for sales professionals is strong and is expected to grow.

In the Gilbert College of Business at Manchester University, the academic programs are rigorous and the expectations are high. In turn, upon completing the program, graduates are equipped to compete as they enter the work force.