Education & Social Sciences

International Studies


Program Opportunities

  • Minor in International Studies


A minor in international studies is a viable and attractive option for students in a variety of majors, both in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs. This program is an interdisciplinary examination of the cultural, political, economic and social patterns that have defined our modern world. Students who minor in international studies enhance their majors and expand their educational and employment opportunities upon graduation.

Program Highlights

The minor in international studies is filled with rich and exciting experiences. It provides students with a wild range of opportunities to:

  • gain skills in diplomacy, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations Conferences
  • acquire social skills and cultural sensitivity through interaction with other people and cultures
  • pursue individual, interdisciplinary tracks or areas of interest, within the parameters outlined in the program curriculum

A Growing Program

Though a relatively new program, the minor in international studies has recorded many promising signs. Twenty-three students were enrolled in the course on Introduction to International Studies the first time this course was offered in fall 2013. Students majoring in political science, psychology, history, pre-pharmacy, pre-med, biology-chemistry and accounting indicated interest in pursuing a minor in international studies.