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International Studies


Program Opportunities

  • Minor in International Studies


A minor in international studies is a viable and attractive option for students in a variety of majors, both in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs. This program is an interdisciplinary examination of the cultural, political, economic and social patterns that have defined our modern world. Students who minor in international studies enhance their majors and expand their educational and employment opportunities upon graduation. 

Program Highlights

The minor in international studies is filled with rich and exciting experiences. It provides students with a wide range of opportunities to:

  • gain skills in diplomacy, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations Conferences
  • acquire social skills and cultural sensitivity through interaction with other people and cultures
  • pursue individual, interdisciplinary tracks or areas of interest, within the parameters outlined in the program curriculum
For example, by participating in the Harvard National Model United Nations conferences, students engage in seeking creative problem-solving ways to resolve the enduring problems we face in our world today, and they learn to become members of an epistemic community of people with knowledge, leadership skills and desire to act in bringing about a more just and compassionate world. 


A Growing Program

As a relatively new program, the minor in international studies has recorded many promising signs. Twenty-three students enrolled in the Introduction to International Studies course in fall 2013, when the program started. Though growth has remained modest, the newly revised program approved by the faculty in spring 2020 allows students across disciplines to leverage their degree by taking advantage of a more flexible minor to further their career and academic goals. The program’s flexibility enables students to complete the program successfully without the unnecessary programmatic barriers and high-costs associated with most programs in the field of international studies.

Career Options

What am I likely to do with a background in international studies? This is a question that students or parents often ask when they go hunting for school and course of study. As a start, you should begin making connections to prepare for your career while still in college by:
  • visiting the Office of Career and Professional Development, attending career-related workshops, and talking with your professors
  • exploring possible options for advanced study after graduation to further enhance your skills and prospects
  • taking advantage of opportunities to gain hand-on volunteer or work experiences during your school years to help identify your particular interests.
  • making connections with people from other countries and cultures with whom you come in contact at conferences and your own community events or from a trip outside of your hometown or abroad, if you can afford it.
What about jobs? Would my course of study in international studies provide me with sufficient preparation for gainful employment?
As an interdisciplinary program, international studies generally incorporates many facets of a liberal arts curriculum, including hands-on training that may open any number of paths to employment in:
  • Government
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Business, Law, and Media
  • Education
  • Multinational corporations and international program administrations
  • Military – depending on tour interests, particular skill, and experiences.

Specifically, a background in international studies can lead to jobs with the U.S. Department of State and other state and local government positions, Peace Corps, international organizations such as the United Nations, environmental regulation agencies and private sector jobs in banking, commerce and business.

Successful Alumni and Students

Alia Woods: political science and international studies alumni, works for the City of Fort Wayne 
Merykokeb Belay: biology-chemistry and international studies alumni with Master’s in Public Health
Kwaku Archer: pre-med and international studies alumni, graduated summa cum laude, seeking admission into medical school
Susuyu Lassa: political science and international studies alumni, seeking admission into graduate school of international relations
Ani King: current outstanding political science and international studies student
Christopher Carroll: current political science and international studies student interested in doing master’s and Ph.D. in international studies upon graduation