Arts & Humanities


Manchester English majors Kari and Emily pose in front of the Chicago Tribune
English majors and journalists Kari Cottingim Arnett and Emily Pleadwell check out a potential employer before engaging with some art on an MU trip to Chicago.

Program Opportunities

  • Major in English
    • Concentration in Journalism
    • Concentration in Literature and Cultural Studies
    • Concentration in Professional and Creative Writing
  • Minor in English
  • Minor in Journalism
  • Minor in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


All Manchester University English graduates share one trait: they are prepared. Whether they teach, enter the business, publishing, or creative world, or attend law or graduate schools, Manchester English majors leave college ready to meet new opportunities and to face diverse challenges.

Students can choose to major in English with concentrations in journalism, literature and cultural studies, or professional and creative writing, or can prepare to teach English in public schools. Students with a minor in TESOL are prepared to teach English to speakers of other languages. The minors in journalism and English complement every program on campus.

Careers for English Majors

Through the study of literature within its cultural contexts, the structure of language, and storytelling from novels through newspapers, English majors learn to think critically, communicate articulately and powerfully, and develop as a whole person with a deeper understanding of self – traits that are valuable in any profession. Some careers directly related to an English degree include:

  • Newspaper or Magazine Journalist
  • High School Teacher
  • Editor
  • Technical Writer
  • Grant Writer
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Paralegal/Lawyer
  • Web Content Manager
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Author

Program Highlights

  • The Oak Leaves, Manchester’s award-winning University newspaper, gives students valuable experience in all facets of journalism, including writing, copy editing, photography, advertising, business and newspaper design.
  • Spectrum, Manchester's arts and literary magazine, provides students, faculty and staff with an opportunity for artistic expression through poetry, essays, short stories, artwork, and photography. Published every spring, this magazine gives students experience in working with an editorial team to select entries and design the publication.
  • Students who study journalism or professional and creative writing complete an internship with a publication or professional organization; TESOL minors complete a practicum in teaching English to speakers of other languages.
  • All Manchester students have access to The Writing Center, which provides support for students at all levels. Students are tutored to improve their writing by thinking critically about their work and focusing on development, clarity, organization, grammar and citation. English majors often work as writing consultants.