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English - Student Success 


  • Emily Krabach '15 is working as a hall director at McKendree University, IL, where she will also pursue a MA.
  • Hannah Schutter '15 will be the Student Life Program Assistant at Sacred Heart Schools, Chicago.
  • Andrew Ellam '15 is a summer writing intern with the Alumni Association at the University of Notre Dame. He also writes stories for
  • Emily Krabach '15 and Kaitie Kemper `15 had their Senior Seminar essays accepted for the Butler Undergraduate Research Conference, April 2015.
  • Josh Vardaman '13 (English writing concentration; journalism minor) is a local news reporter for the Ottumwa Courier, Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Rebecca Pendergrass '12 (journalism minor) landed an internship with Panoramic Corporation in Fort Wayne, a company that manufactures dental X-ray machines, and was hired immediately after graduation to handle its marketing and public relations. She credits her Manchester English professors, who “really had an impact on my writing skills,” and a Public Relations course for instilling in her good organizational skills.
  • Sarah Plew '12 (double major in English language concentration and French) is teaching English in Arles, France.
  • Sara Kerkhoff '03 Rundell received a Fulbright Scholarship to study literature by women in Morocco. Upon her return to the U.S., she became Manchester's first graduate to be admitted to Harvard University's Law School. She is an editor of The Harvard Law Review.