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New! Book Culture Course

Book CultureThis  course is an introduction to the increasingly significant theoretical field of Book Studies; we  be read and discuss books – but not in the ways we do in other literature classes.  This field stresses the connections between all aspects of the “book” – the content and plot as well as the materiality of a text (things like typeface, size, and color).  We learn about the history of the book, including the transition from manuscript to print and the emergence of the canonical “authors” we read in survey classes, and we also consider what the future of “books” might look like in our digital age.  Along the way, we see the impact of social, economic, and political influences on the book and consider the importance of other external forces like marketing strategies and advertising techniques on circulation and interpretation.  By the end of our semester together, students hopefully will never read a “book” the same way again and won’t hesitate to actively – and knowledgeably – judge them by their covers.  This is one of two foundational required courses for the Libraries and Literacies certificate, as well as an English elective.  Students are encouraged to draw on their interdisciplinary interests and diverse experiences with “books” as they approach readings and discussions.