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Program Opportunities

  • Minor in Spanish


In our Modern Languages Department, you’ll learn not only language proficiency, but new ways to process information, new perspectives, a sense of history, and an appreciation for other cultures. Through literature, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of intellectual and social diversity. When you minor in Spanish, you’ll become a better communicator and researcher, and a creative problem-solver. Study away will teach you to function comfortably in the global community and acquire a thirst for discovery.

Program Highlights

  • Study away is a key component of our language major and minor. Spanish-speaking majors and minors study in Barcelona, Spain; Xalapa, Mexico; or Quito, Ecuador. German minors study in Marburg, Germany. And students interested in other languages can study in more than a dozen sites around the world. In all cases, students receive extensive training in advanced language skills, become integrated into the local culture, and have access to a range of courses on topics beyond language instruction. January travel courses to Spain are offered, too. Study Away Page
  • The Dillon Roush Traxler and Macon Dale Traxler Scholarship helps language majors and minors engaged in international study. Awarded annually, the scholarship defrays some of the extra expenses inherent in international study and supports students for whom the experience might not be possible otherwise.
  • The Beulah E. Book Lecture Series brings scholars to campus to speak on issues such as language pedagogy, international politics, and linguistics.
  • The Heritage Speaker Proficiency Program recognizes the unique situation of students for whom English is a second language. The department offers the possibility of earning credits through a proficiency exam. Students who are interested should contact Dr. Yañez or Dr. DeVries.
  • Alpha Mu Gamma is the first and largest national collegiate foreign language honor society of the United States. Manchester’s chapter was established in 2001 to recognize the outstanding achievements of our language students.

Successful Graduates

  • Kendall Brown ’22: Kendall graduated with a double major in Spanish and Peace Studies, and a Minor in TESOL and was an Honor Student. While at Manchester she shared her honors research work during a VIA. Kendall is the Peace Studies Coordinator at Manchester.